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Can New England Feed Itself? How Close Can we Get to Sustainability? October 3rd at Trinity Church

Once upon a time, I thought local and sustainable were nice pastoral, quality of life concepts. Like growing tomatoes on the back porch. Until I learned that given how little food we grow regionally, we hardy New Englanders run out of food in a handful of days — three, four, possibly five — with a ...

Let’s Talk About Aquaculture: June 19th at the New England Aquarium.

Did you know that oysters, scallops, fin fish, clams, and shrimp—all sustainable sources of healthy proteins in a seafaring state—are farmed right here in Massachusetts? Are you curious about the promise of aquaculture in Massachusetts? So are we!

What’s Up with Food Allergies?

food alergies-3
This event has been rescheduled for Friday June 14th at 6:00pm at Harvard/MIT Broad Center.

Let’s Redo School Lunch

Let’s redo lunch. With school back in session, an area group tries fixing the meals students eat. We think that a group of focused people, working hard together, could fix the food children eat at school. This is an important challenge: For many Massachusetts students, the cafeteria meals they eat represent about ...

GMO labeling debate continues in Hawaii, New Mexico,Washington

Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) are just one of the issues we’ll be discussing this March at the Harvard Law School Food Law Society’s 2013 Forum on Food Labeling, which we’re co-presenting. But it might be one of the most contentious. Last November, Proposition 37, a GMO labeling bill in California, was defeated at the polls. But ...

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