We can all change the world one dish at a time.


We all eat. Three times a day if we can. With joy and hunger.

And hopefully with the understanding that good clean food is the essential fuel for human health and community.

We start at the beginning of where and who grows our food, who brings it from the oceans, coaxes it from the soil, who works with our food in industrial kitchens and labs, in large greenhouses and in small craft cellars, etc.

We care about the supply chain of how food gets from here to there, and how much of it gets left behind. We care about food waste, we care about food insecurity and justice. We care about how many miles food travels to get to us.

We care about humanity.



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Projects & Initiatives

Excited to participate? You can be part of our movement, a contributor to our cause. Join us in our efforts to change not just the conversation, but how we feed the planet?