Announcing our new Podcast event: The Taste of Memory


WBUR’s CitySpace


Tuesday, November 19th

Join legendary chefs Lydia Shire and Jasper White in a live storytelling event where food is center of the plate.

This event will be the first story-gathering for the new Let’s Talk About Food / the live show podcast series. The podcast will be a 30-minute program featuring entertaining first-person food stories shared by celebrities and selected community participants.

How To Participate:


Would you like to be one of the storytellers included in the July 19th live event?  Beginning October 1, we invite you to Submit your ‘Taste of Memory’ ideas and we will evaluate each of the entries and will invite individuals to come and share their stories in front of the live studio audience on November 19th. 

Member of the Audience:

Would you like to attend the opening reception and cheer on the selected participants as they share their favorite food memories?  Tickets are $5 and are available at here.

Kitchen Conversations.png


Because everyone has a food story. From our first mouthful of applesauce in front of our adoring family, to our first bite into a jalapeno pepper, and everything in between, food is at the heart of the human experience. We love it. We need it. Food is family and ritual. Fun and work. Sophistication and guilty pleasure, scarcity and overabundance. Food makes us ecstatic and sometimes crazy. Food delights and disappoints. Can you think of a connector that binds us together more universally or seamlessly than our shared relationships with food? Sharing entertaining, evocative, celebratory, complicated and funny food stories is the central focus of the new podcast.