About Us

Food Unites Us All

Food sustains us, forms the basis of our cultural traditions, creates community, optimizes or sabotages our health, affects our environment, provides livelihoods, impacts our global economy and nourishes the next generation. Food unleashes great joy!

Sparking the Conversation

Founded in Boston 2010, Let’s Talk About Food is a national, educational and event-driven partnership organization aimed at increasing the level of public literacy about all aspects of our food system.

From sustainability to food access, cooking to obesity, and food safety to food justice, Let’s Talk About Food invites people across the spectrum to join in participatory, engaging and meaningful conversations that can shape the place food holds in our communities, our world, and our hearts.

Our goal is to create a community of “Food Thinkers” – a new kind of Food Think Tank that brings experts and the community together to explore food and food issues in our world.

During a live cooking demonstration in front of hundreds in Boston, Chef Jody Adams coached MA Governor Deval Patrick as he grated garlic, whisked vinaigrette, and finally plated pan-roasted lobsters over a grilled corn salad.

Creating a Community of Food “Thinkers”

Let’s Talk About Food:

  • Presents high quality, challenging and fun educational events for adults, young adults and children;
  • Expands on our first-rate networking resource—our “Founders Circle”—a brain trust of activists, experts, policy actors, researchers, writers and practitioners (e.g., chefs, farmers, nutritionists) who share their expertise to energize and elevate the discussion about food;
  • Selects the best and most expert communicators to inform the public on major food issues including health, nutrition, science, environment, cooking, farming and agriculture, sustainability, fisheries, food access, food safety and school food;
  • Partners with organizations, institutions and venues across the country whose values align with our own.

What’s Happening in 2012?

Let’s Talk About Food is partnering with local public and educational institutions across the country to provide cutting-edge, targeted and entertaining programs for adults and children. These include: educational events; film events; outdoor events and festivals; media and industry events; forums and teach-ins; science labs and cooking demonstrations.


Let’s Talk About the Farm Bill (January 29, 2012): an old fashioned, free-to-the-public “teach-in” to get accessible non-wonky information to people who want to know what’s at stake in the 2012 Farm Bill, why this is a historic moment for food in America, and why this pending legislation matters to New England. Our keynoters are national resources and include NYU’s Marion Nestle, PhD and US Rep Chellie Pingree (D-ME). The Teach-In is a major public event, in multiple locations, and a two-way channel as attendees participate in a Citizen’s Forum.

Let’s Talk About Sustainable Seafood Teach-In (April 29, 2012): Fishing for Sustainability. Our waters may be cold, but the topic of sustainable fishing in New England is hot. We know that the bounty of the sea is special to New England. How do we most accurately assess our fish stocks? Which fish varieties should we be eating? How do we maintain the tradition and livelihood of our fishing fleet and still safeguard our environment and our fish? Presented in collaboration with MOS, New England Aquarium, and the Cambridge Science Festival

The 2nd Annual Let’s Talk About Food Festival (June 16, 2012): launched in June, 2011, along the Charles River outside the Museum of Science-Boston, the inaugural Let’s Talk About Food Festival attracted over 15,000 people who talked, ate, read and watched cooking demonstrations. Top chefs, leading scientists and MA Governor Deval Patrick jumped at the opportunity to participate in this unique public event. Existing sponsors raved about the opportunity and outcome, and seek ways to continue work in this field. Marketing implemented produced over 9 million impressions.


Kitchen Conversations is a living project that captures the spirit of food in a rich, downloadable archive of first-person narratives about food memories. Let’s Talk About Food is inviting people across the country to share their stories. Our webcast/podcast will mount in late January and will begin with 100 edited stories, incuding new stories from the 2011 Young Farmers Conference at Stone Barns Center for Agriculture and Education. Throughout 2012, we will bring Kitchen Conversations to festivals, public events and museums across the country.

Let’s Talk About Food has created over 30 events so far. We’ve been at the MOS and Harvard Law School, in public spaces along the river, in libraries and community centers. What we’ve learned is: We like to eat. We want to know. We want to learn. And we want to talk about food.

Let’s work together to keep the food and conversation flowing.

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