Welcome to Let’s Talk About Food. I’m the founder, Louisa Kasdon. In 2010, I started an organization with a clunky sounding name and a simple goal: to engage people of all ages in the conversation about food.



I didn’t care if the hot topic for any one individual was sustainability or urban farming; obesity, school food, food labeling; home cooking, or even just the joy of eating. I figured that if you could connect each person with a food passion, that passion could eventually be turned into action. Let’s Talk About Food has morphed from my little do-good idea to a city-wide umbrella organization that presents educational events in partnership with universities, museums, libraries, hospitals, cities and towns, cooking schools, trade organizations, science festivals and a host of other non-profits.


It all began with a press screening of the documentary, Food, Inc. When the film came out, I yippie-d at the preview. As the food editor oft the Boston Phoenix and former restaurant owner, I was convinced that Food, Inc. would be the trigger for an energetic conversation. I wrote a glowing review. But at the time no one wanted to see the movie. With help from food friends, we put together a screening at the Boston’s Museum of Science for the food community –chefs, nutritionists, academics, people from the public sector and basically anyone else in our contact lists. The response was overwhelming. An auditorium filled at 2 PM on a Tuesday afternoon, with 200 more on the waiting list, shocked me and the staff at the museum. I knew I was on to something. Let’s Talk About Food was born. Since that first event, we’ve partnered with the Museum of Science, Harvard Law School, Chefs Collaborative, the New England Aquarium, the City of Boston and the City of Cambridge and many more to bring experts and the public together, most notably at a public festival which brought 10,000 people out in a summer rainstorm. I am proud of what I’ve accomplished. But here’s the point: I didn’t do it alone. I reached out to everyone I knew and asked them to help. By asking organizations, experts, volunteers to do what they do best and most easily, I was able to put together the blueprint for a community conversation around food.  With passion, a playbook and plenty of good partners, you can spark a food revolution in your own town (even with a non-existent pocketbook). Through the simple act of public conversation, we can change the future of food in our country –one city at a time.

LTAF has transformed the way Boston thinks about food.
— Jody Adams, Chef

our Annual events

  • Let’s Talk About Food Festival (2012 - present)

  • Healthy Food Fuels Hungry Minds (2015 - present)

  • The Readable Feast Festival (2016 - present)