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Healthy Food Fuels Hungry Minds 2017

Please join us on June 7th for the Healthy Food Fuels Hungry Minds conference at Harvard University.ABOUT THE CONFERENCE Countless children face a lifetime of health-related issues based on access to nutritious food. Our schools are on the front line of driving that access, and on educating children in the cafeteria and beyond about healthy choices…. Read more »

Making Changes to School Food in Boston. Q & A with a BPS Parent

Thanks to Ann Chinchilla DeGeorge for answering these questions for Let’s Talk About Food. The conversation will continue on stage on October 3rd at the festival when celebrity chefs join Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley and nutritionist PK Newby for a school food meatball challenge. Don’t miss it!Your Name, Child’s Age and SchoolAnn Chinchilla DeGeorge… Read more »

In Praise of Pasta

Pasta Please For the two years I lived in Italy I ate pasta just about every day. The lunch time ritual went like this–At 12:30 pm I would break from work and begin shuffling around the piazza for lunch ingredients before each shop shuttered for the afternoon. I’d grab some fresh pasta, usually some tomatoes… Read more »