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Food Waste on Campus

The following is an excerpt from To Market Magazine Winter 2016. The full article can be found at http://www.tomarketmagazine.com/stories/2017/1/27/food-waste-on-campus BY LEIGH VINCOLAPHOTO BY ULRICH MUELLERFood Waste On CampusSmall Scale Solutions to a Large Scale ProblemNearly a third of all food in America goes to waste and finally, in 2016, it was all over the headlines. The… Read more »

Healthy Food Fuels Hungry Minds 2017

Please join us on June 7th for the Healthy Food Fuels Hungry Minds conference at Harvard University.ABOUT THE CONFERENCE Countless children face a lifetime of health-related issues based on access to nutritious food. Our schools are on the front line of driving that access, and on educating children in the cafeteria and beyond about healthy choices…. Read more »

Healthy food fuels hungry minds: Serving change in public school food

Join Let’s Talk About Food and Harvard University Dining Service for the second annual conference about school food. Together as parents, providers, policy makers and advocates we can work together to understand the current climate of school food and develop collaborative ways to to champion and support change. Food is at the heart of closing… Read more »