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Food Waste on Campus

The following is an excerpt from To Market Magazine Winter 2016. The full article can be found at http://www.tomarketmagazine.com/stories/2017/1/27/food-waste-on-campus BY LEIGH VINCOLAPHOTO BY ULRICH MUELLERFood Waste On CampusSmall Scale Solutions to a Large Scale ProblemNearly a third of all food in America goes to waste and finally, in 2016, it was all over the headlines. The… Read more »

Boston Area Gleaners Get Farm Produce to Hungry People

Boston Area Gleaners is a non profit organization that harvests surplus crops from local farms and distributes them to people in need. Working with a number of local farms and a roster of volunteer gleaners, BAG’s work gets fresh food directly to hunger relief organizations.Surplus produce is reality of farming for a variety of reasons…. Read more »