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Kitchen Conversations at Boston Summer Arts Weekend

A weekend of food stories as over 200 storytellers who attended the second annual Boston Summer Arts weekend took a seat in our cozy Kitchen/mobile recording booth and shared their stories, memories and fantasies about food. We heard about how visiting a Portuguese restaurant in Cambridge whisked a adult man instantly back to his ...

Louisa Kasdon, Founder

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Louisa Kasdon is a food and health writer with over 500 published articles, and a passionate advocate for public education around food and health. A former owner of three restaurants, she happily made the transition from preparing food to writing about it. She is the food editor of the Boston Phoenix Magazine and is ...

LB_hedshotLeigh Belanger is a communications consultant working with food-focused nonprofits and startups on communications strategy and content development.  She is the author of The Boston Homegrown Cookbook (Voyageur Press, 2012) and the former program director for Chefs Collaborative, a national network of culinary professionals dedicated to improving the food system. Leigh’s work has appeared in The Boston Globe, Edible Boston, Cooks Illustrated, and other outlets. She lives and cooks with her family in Boston. Find Leigh on Twitter @leighbelanger, or on Tumblr: kitchenchalkboard.tumblr.com

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